The real work begins when your social media campaign is ready to go live, and all the design and development work have been completed. Because the entire project will fail, if there are no users on your social profile.

With over 1 million Facebook pages and applications and over 150,000 iPhone applications out there, how do you differentiate from the rest of the herd?

Social Media Marketing

To get the traffic on your social profiles, we can offer assistance and help you spread your word to the "targeted" community or individuals.

Targets consists of volume, time duration, and geographic segmentation, such as 5,000 users from North America within 3 weeks time. These targets are set even before the prommotion of the campaign is started.

Transparency and comprehensive tracking reports allows you to observe the trends of the users based on different targets you set for the campaign. It also provides you the insight and helps you to make the decision about enhancing the application and creating a more persolized experience for the targeted audience.