A personalized experience
Users want to use applications that are interactive and which can adapt to their personal preferences. In order to acheive this, the user needs to have an account on the application. Every user interacts with multiple applications, and the sign up process is like a burden to them now, since they have to remember the login credentials for each of the site separately, and follow the confirmation process of each of the application/web site. With Facebook Connect, all of this can be eliminated. Just two clicks from the user and the user's account is created with Facebook Connect (with preferences of their own choice). Heaven for the users.

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Mobile friendly
Since mobile has started to dominate and became the major platform through which users are generating traffic on application and web sites, it has became very important that all the elements of these applications and web sites are mobile friendly. This is not a concern when using Facebook Connect, since the mobile integration of Facebook Connect is seamless.

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Benefits of Facebook Connect
Facebook Connect is being used on all the major web sites on the internet. Here are a few benefits that will come if Facebook Connect is integrated on your website or application:

  • Secure authentication
  • Real identity
  • Social profile access
  • Sharing
facebook connect application