Social campaigns are different
The difference between a social media campaign and a television or print campaign is that you receive feedbak continuously on a social media campaign, on the other hand, the feedback comes in later and a bit late as well. With constant feedback from your audience, you can tweak and adapt your social media campaign on the go.

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Common mistakes
Most of the times people make some very common mistakes when they manage a social media profile, even some very big and reputed brand names appear on this list. Some of these include:

  • Poor posting schedules
  • Too much self promotion
  • Fear of negative publicity
  • Not optimizing reach
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Best practices
Our team of professional community and content managers works with you and ensures that you do not make any common mistakes and that all the posts published on your social profiles are following the brand's core values. We will guide you throughout the process and on each step and ensure that your brand identity is not hampered and you follow the best practices.

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Detailed insights and reports gives you the ease to track your success. Calculating ROI becomes a breeze when you have all the information,

campaign reporting